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Brian Goebel - LinkedIn.jpg

Brian Goebel

Managing Director, Social Enterprise @ Goizueta - Emory University's Goizueta Business School

Kareem and his team helped us understand the needs, opportunities, and challenges across both the education and entrepreneurship ecosystem related to supporting both Black-owned business growth and Black student success.  K. Hall Consulting provided thorough qualitative insights through comprehensive interviews alongside leading practice research to formulate actionable recommendations and strategic priorities for Goizueta Business School to act upon and make an impact.

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Amelia Schaffner

Director of Entrepreneurship - 

Emory University's Goizueta Business School

Kareem's consulting style is results-driven, strategic, and collaborative. I worked with him on an Emory outward-facing project, for which I served as an advisor, and very much enjoyed working with him. The project had a tight timeline and it was a sensitive topic, with multiple stakeholders. Kareem not only clearly articulated goals and expectations, but also created a climate of collaboration and empathy, allowing his team members a sense of ownership and independence. The outcomes of the research were impressive, with a set of strategic and thought-through recommendations, in sharp and elegant consulting format, with clear next steps outlined.

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Jenna Beron - LinkedIn.jpg

Jenna Beron

Former Strategic Projects Manager -

Prime Consulting Research Partner 

Over the past 3 years, I've worked with Kareem on 5 in-depth research projects consisting of in-depth qualitative and/or quantitative research. He led each project end-to-end, consistently receiving positive client feedback - with several clients specifically requesting to work with Kareem for follow-on and new projects. Kareem is great to collaborate with and committed to delivering quality work, often going above and beyond to ensure clients are satisfied.

Monisha Kapila - LinkedIn.jpg

Monisha Kapila

Founder & CEO - 


Kareem helped us develop a growth strategy that was valuable in driving our nonprofit's expansion. He is thorough, brings a strategic approach, and understands organization dynamics. He is also a great person to work with!

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Dorian Lee - LinkedIn.jpg

Dorian Lee

Founder & CEO -

B'Ball 101 / Catch N Shoot 

Kareem is very good at capturing the overall vision of the project, so his numbers aren't just numbers. They seem to come to life and articulate a clear understanding of where your business must go in order to be successful. I have dealt with advisers in the past that made me feel as if I have to have 3 degrees to truly understand the scope of the projections. Kareem puts your mind at ease. Exceptionally sharp and professional, I would recommend Kareem to anyone looking for these types of services.

Carrie Padgett - LinkedIn.jpg

Carrie Padgett

Owner - 

Blank Canvas Massage

Kareem is amazing!! I loved being able to get consulting time with him when COVID shut down our business temporarily. He helped us pivot and now we are back open and growing!

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Blenda DeBerry - LinkedIn.jpg

Blenda DeBerry

Founder & CEO -

Jon'Ric Atlanta Luxury Salon &

Wellness Spa

Kareem, Thank you for doing such a great job with the Financial Project that you completed for my company.  The information is clear, concise and in a format that's very easy to navigate.  Your professionalism and your knowledge of financial modeling is impeccable!

Trish Treadwell - LinkedIn.jpg

Trish Treadwell

Former President - 

Leadership Institute for Women of Color Attorneys

K Hall Consulting did a magnificent job on our organization’s new website. Kareem walked me expertly through the process from designing the initial layout of the pages to fine-tuning language and trim in the finished product. Now, I feel more confident about visitors—especially potential sponsors—going to the website and seeing a polished product that matches our polished and professional approach for the organization and Annual Conference.

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Brian Goebel - LinkedIn.jpg

Brian Goebel

Managing Director, Social Enterprise @ Goizueta - Emory University's Goizueta Business School

Thank you to Kareem Hall of K Hall Consulting for visiting Goizueta's Topics in Nonprofit Management (OAM 536) tonight as our guest lecturer. Our students left with great tools and approaches to leverage on the their selling impact client projects.